Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the people who follow you on twitter

you don't have to be on twitter for very long before you realize that half the new people that follow you are wanting you to try their get rich quick schemes, well, my friend cj, one of the waco social media gurus, wrote a great blog post about just that yesterday; twits, you are on notice

Sunday, April 5, 2009

facebook 503 -- how to create a facebook event

one of the great things to do with facebook is set up an event with your friends.  it is great because everyone can easily see who is coming to the event and write on the events wall to share information on the event.
  1. from any page in facebook, click on the events icon (the white box with the 31 in it and the red bar at the top) in the lower left hand corner of the facebook page (this will bring up your events page)
  2. click on "create an event" in the upper left hand corner of the events page
  3. fill in all the information on the event info tab (event name, host, event type, and location are all required)
    one note on the network field, if you choose a network other than global, you will only be able to invite people in that network to your event
  4. click on "create event"
  5. you can now upload a picture (or logo) for your event, set your options, access level (I typically choose closed, that way, I can decide who I want to have on the guest list and others can request an invite) , and choose if you want to publize the event
  6. click on "save"
  7. click on the friends you want to invite or enter their e-mail address if they are not on facebook
  8. click on "send invitations"
and your done, see, wasn't that easy!!  one note, if you select to have a closed event, you can click on the view guest list and choose to make anybody on the guest list an admin on the event so they can invite others or approve invites as well.