Sunday, August 8, 2010

how to tag someone in a facebook update

you may have noticed that you can now tag people when you update your status on facebook (it turns thier name blue and hyperlinks to their page).  you can do this for people that your are friends with or pages that you like on facebook, here's how:
  1. type your update like you normally would
  2. when you get to the part in your update where you want the tag to be, just type the @ sign and then start typing the person's name (no space between the "@" sign and the person's name)
  3. a list will then populate below where you are typing and all you have to do is click on the name of the person or page you want to tag (if they don't show up at first, keep typing and they will)
  4. now finish typing your update and click on share
see, wasn't that easy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

what do you want me to cover next?

I've been awfully quiet on this blog the last few months mainly because I don't know what to share with you, so you tell me, what topics would you like for me to cover next?