Sunday, November 30, 2008

facebook 103 -- profile pictures

first I will walk you through how to change or set your facebook profile picture and then I will tell you my thoughts on choosing a pic for your profile picture.
  1. log into facebook and go to your wall, when you are logged into facebook, you can go to your wall by clicking on your name on the facebook toolbar (by settings)
  2. you will see your picture (or a white silhouette in a light blue box if you haven't uploaded a picture yet)
  3. mouse over your picture and you will see a change picture link appear in the upper right hand corner
  4. click on the change picture link
  5. click on upload a picture
  6. click on browse
  7. select the picture on your computer to upload for your profile picture and click on open
  8. your profile picture will then be added to your facebook profile
here are my thoughts on profile pics:
  1. you need to have one, this is what people will see when they search for you on facebook
  2. try to have one with only you or you and one other person in the picture, so that you are the focus of the picture
  3. it will be easiest for people to verify that they know you if you have a clear and recent profile pic
  4. if you have multiple social media accounts (twitter, blog, facebook, etc), it is best to use the same profile picture across all of them
hope you are enjoying learning about facebook, keep the comments coming!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

facebook 102 -- answers to your questions

after my facebook 101 post, I got some really good questions and comments. I decided to add an extra post to address those.

why are you on facebook?
at first, I joined facebook because my hubby was on there, and he had found some good friends of ours that had moved away from waco on facebook. I wanted to reconnect with them as well. once I was on it, I was hooked. I use it as an easy way to share pictures with my friends, to keep up with new friends, and to reconnect with friends from high school or my hometown. I have also started using it to create deeper friendships with people that I have become friends with on twitter.

what is a wall?
every person on facebook has a section of their facebook profile that is called a wall. the wall is where your status updates show up, where your friends can write notes to you, where the pictures that you have posted, and gifts you have received on facebook will show up.

what do the different privacy settings mean?
in my facebook 101 post, I walked you through how to change your privacy settings. below is an explanation of what the different settings are:

my network and friends -- people that you have accepted as friends and people in your network can see

friends of friends -- people that you have accepted as friends and the people that they have accepted as friend can see

only friends -- only the people that you have accepted as friends can see

no one -- no one can see

thanks for all the comments, keep them coming!! I will have a new post up on sunday on profile pictures!

Monday, November 24, 2008

twitterberry -- it's twitter for your blackberry

I do always jump into things with two feet! so a few days ago, when one of my twitter friends put out a request for someone to write a post on his blog about twitterberry, I quickly put my name in the hat (I don't know what I would do without my twitterberry). here is a link to my post on incslinger's blog!

Friday, November 21, 2008

the geek plan

after teaching my mom and mother-in-law how to use facebook recently, I realized that while there are quite a few blogs out there on how to use different social media and other web applications in general, there aren't many out there that show you the simple processes of setting these up and using the basic functions. that is what I plan to do with this blog. below are my thoughts on what I will cover. please comment if you have any suggestions. I look forward to learning with you.
  1. facebook 101 -- getting started
  2. facebook 102 -- answers to your questions
  3. facebook 103 -- profile pictures
  4. facebook 201 -- making friends
  5. facebook 202 -- removing friends
  6. facebook 203 -- creating groups of friends
  7. facebook 301 -- limiting your profile
  8. facebook 401 -- creating photo albums and uploading photos
  9. facebook 402 -- adding captions and tagging friends in pictures
  10. facebook 403 -- uploading videos
  11. facebook 501 -- setting up facebook on your mobile phone
  12. facebook 601 -- facebook etiquette
  13. facebook 701 -- adding a link to your wall
  14. facebook 702 -- creating a note on your wall
  15. facebook 801 -- creating an event on facebook
  16. twitter 101 -- what is twitter and how to create a twitter account
  17. twitter 102 -- getting your account all set up
  18. twitter 103 -- twitter rules and twitter lingo
  19. twitter 201 -- who to follow on twitter
  20. twitter 202 -- who to find people to follow on twitter
  21. twitter 301 -- hashtags explained
  22. twitter 302 -- twitter parties
  23. twitter 303 -- tweet ups
  24. twitter 401 -- sharing pictures on twitter
  25. twitter 501 -- going through your twitter followers
  26. twitter 601 -- feeding your blog posts into twitter
  27. linked in 101
  28. e-mail addresses
  29. gmail 101
  30. gmail 201 -- filters and labels
  31. google reader 101
  32. google reader 201 -- finding feeds
  33. google reader 301 -- subscribing to feeds
  34. picasa 101
  35. picasa 201 -- cool things to do with your photos
  36. picasa 301 -- web album
  37. google calendar 101
  38. google calendar 201 -- sharing your calendar
  39. google calendar 301 -- viewing other calendars
  40. google docs 101
  41. google docs 201 -- uploading documents
  42. google docs 301 -- sharing your documents
  43. remember the milk 101
  44. flickr 101
  45. blogs 101

Saturday, November 15, 2008

coming soon!!

I am going to post an outline of what I am planning on blogging on here soon, check back!!