Sunday, February 22, 2009

twitter 201 -- who to follow on twitter

as promised, here are the rules that I follow when trying to decide who to follow on twitter:
  1. they have to have a profile picture, I don't care if it's a picture of them, their dog, a piece of fruit, or a cartoon. as long as they have something other than the brown box that you get if you haven't uploaded a picture yet.

  2. they have to have a bio. tell me a little bit about yourself, especially the types of things you tweet about. it's only 160 characters, that's not so scary.

  3. if a person has both those things and I still can't decide if I want to follow them or not, I will click on the link and take a look at their blog. if I like their blog, I'll follow. if they don't have a link or a blog then I will take a look at their most recent tweets and decide.
here are some other blog posts from people on who they follow on twitter:

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